Sustainable Development Goal 12 - Circular production and waste management

4 Sustainable Development Goals close to our business, specific actions and why our contribution is meaningful

Goals: 12.5, 12.6

Specific actions:

Detailed waste management

We aspire to sort our waste as detailed and efficient as possible, meaning we are complying with the newest waste directive (affaldsbekendgørelsen 2021) on waste management. Mobilex A/S manages; plastic, cardboard, wood, metal, IT-waste, electronic waste, batteries, cable-waste and small combustible waste.

Universal spare parts for recycled aids

Our wheels, armrests and other universal spare parts for our own recycled aids but also for brands from other suppliers contribute to a longer service life for the aids. Mobilex A/S offer a wide program of spare parts at affordable prices based on the philosophy that it should be economically profitable to change wearing parts and thereby re-use the products and extend the lifetime.

Increased digitalization and decreased paper and packaging consumption

With our new Mobilex A/S website and e-Commerce platform we limit our collective paper consumption and create increased digitalization effecting several consumption-heavy areas of our business. Furthermore we aim at reducing our packaging consumption with 20% towards 2025. We will initiate actions focusing on more effective packaging of Mobilex A/S products in order to minimize our total packaging consumption and optimize our packing units.