Sustainable Development Goal 3 - Health means well-being

4 Sustainable Development Goals close to our business, specific actions and why our contribution is meaningful

Goals: 3.8, 3.9

Specific actions:

Health insurance and yearly health check

The employees in Mobilex A/S are offered private health insurance and a yearly health check, to ensure quick recovery and the discovery of unknown diseases. We want our employees to be healthy and feel a sense of well-being together with a high level of desire to work.

Healthy working environment and prevention of occupational hazards

To ensure a healthy working environment we have invested in an industrial sweeper and started a thorough cleaning process to prevent large amounts of unwanted dust and dirt creating a potential health risk towards our employees and associates. As an addition we have invested in an exoskeleton to prevent physical injuries at our warehouse staff.

Workplace evaluation - with specific focus on physical well-being and mental health

To us physical and mental health are important issues and therefore we want to create a culture where we can have open and honest conversations about everything with our co-workers and management.