More lifestyle images

We have expanded our image database with more new lifestyle images. For now, there are also images of our popular commode and shower chair Kakadu, our white shower tool with our without back, the Jaguar indoor rollator and various other products. 

Here you can see some thumbnails of the new lifestyle images:

New lifestyle images 2024

If you are interested in acquiring some of the new lifestyle images, please contact our marketing manager Anne Christine Halkjær Petersen. Please remember to state which products you would like to get images of.

Contact Anne Christine to get lifestyle images

At the moment, we have lifestyle images of the following products:

- Kakadu

- Kakadu with 24'' wheels

- White shower stool with or without the back

- Soft toilet seat cover

- Pressure relieving mattress

- Universal therapy table

- Bed lever

- Tube or flat slide sheet

- Universal chest support belt or front support belt

- Jaguar Supreme, red/white or champagne

- Rubber ramps

- Puma Air rollator

- Spoke protectors: flower or music

- Turtle transport wheelchair