Sales and Delivery Conditions


The prices will be invoiced according to the valid price list. We reserve the right to change prices at any time, but normally we only change prices at the end of the year or in special cases with one-month notice.

Payment / Credit Limit

Payment terms are stated on the invoice. Unless otherwise agreed, it is 30 days net. In this case we grant a credit limit. Should this limit be exceeded by new orders, we reserve the right to postpone delivery until we receive payment of already delivered orders. We also reserve the right to ask for pre-payment. We do not grant discount deduction, not even with advance or cash payment. If earlier invoices have not been paid on time, we reserve the right to withhold deliveries until payment has been settled. In the event of invoices not paid on time, we reserve the right to charge interest of 1% per month commenced and a fee of €10 to cover our costs. In addition, we calculate a compensation fee of €40 according to the terms in the European Directive 2011/7/EU.


Mobilex A/S ships all goods at the expense and risk of the customer. If Mobilex A/S sends the goods free of charge, the customer bears the shipping risk.

User manuals

CE marked products are supplied with user manuals in Danish, German, English or Italian. In countries outside these language areas, it is the dealers' duty to request the document file from Mobilex A/S and to arrange for the translation into the relevant language.

Retention of title

All delivered goods remain the property of Mobilex A/S until full payment has been received.

Complaints / right of return

The customer is obliged to check the goods on receipt for completeness and damage. If damage to a shipment is already visible on the packaging, the shipment should only be accepted with reservation. Complaints must be made in writing to Mobilex A/S within 8 days. A right of return exists only if appropriate agreements have been made with Mobilex A/S beforehand and the goods are returned unused, undamaged and in their original packaging. The return costs shall be borne by the customer. If the item is not in its original packaging, it is the responsibility of the customer to properly secure the item prior to shipment and to ensure that there is no visible damage to the product. After receipt and inspection, Mobilex A/S will credit the customer with the price of the product minus 30€ for the missing original packaging. Free delivered goods will be credited minus the freight originally paid by Mobilex A/S. Should clean of the product be necessary, Mobilex A/S reserves the right to charge the customer for the costs incurred.

Force majeure

In case of force majeure Mobilex A/S is entitled to cancel or delay the delivery. In these cases, the customer cannot claim damages.


Mobilex A/S is only liable for late delivery in accordance with the Danish Commercial Code. The customer cannot claim compensation for loss of business, loss of earnings or other losses. Possible compensation, if any, can only be made in the amount of the purchase price.

Mobilex A/S is entitled to exchange the goods in question or to send spare parts for repair in the event of delivery of faulty goods. If Mobilex A/S is unable to exchange the goods, Mobilex A/S shall only be liable in accordance with the Danish Commercial Code. However, there is no entitlement to compensation for loss of business or earnings or other indirect losses. Possible compensation, if any, can only be made in according to the amount of the purchase price.

Product liability

Mobilex A/S is exempt from any product liability, except the mandatory provisions of the Danish Product Liability Act. However, there is no claim for damages for loss of business or earnings or other indirect losses.

Data protection — collection and use of data

The information we receive from you helps us to secure and continuously improve your good customer experience at Mobilex A/S. We use the information about your company to process your orders, create and ship order confirmations, deliver ordered goods, notify you of new products and changes, and process payments. We also collect and store information about previous orders in order to track the goods delivered when needed. If you would like to review the information we hold about your company or have it corrected or deleted, please contact Mobilex A/S. Mobilex A/S does not pass on customer data to third parties.

Place of jurisdiction and applicable law

In case of legal disputes, the place of jurisdiction is Horsens in Denmark. All disputes are subject to Danish law.