Reduced packaging and less CO2 emissions

Sustainable Development Goals close to our business, specific actions and why our contribution is meaningful

At Mobilex, we were accompanied for 8 weeks by a consultant from MacMann Berg, who is an expert in the field of the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Workshops were held with our Mobilex employees and we worked together on our own sustainable initiatives.

Reducing paper and packaging use
The 8 weeks led to concrete actions and initiatives where more and more results are emerging. A concrete example of this is the work with Goal 12: Circular production and waste management, where among other things we wanted to initiate actions focusing on more effective packaging of Mobilex A/S products. The goal with this was to minimize our overall packaging consumption and optimize our packaging units. This initiative is related to the goal of reducing our packaging consumption by 20% by 2025.

"At Mobilex A/S we are dedicated to support the UN sustainability development goals and make a positive impact based on the nature of our business and our role in the value chain. We continuously work at reducing our packaging consumption and thereby also reduce our CO2 emissions. With the development of our new Mobilex Panther rollator we have succeeded in reducing the packaging of this product with more than 20% and also reduce the CO2 emissions due to the higher volumes in containers. This is in our opinion a good example of the important benefits of focusing on the UN sustainability development goals as we as a business significantly reduce our transport costs and at the same time reduce packaging consumption and CO2 emissions for the benefits of our environment. Furthermore we also become capable of delivering a high quality Mobilex product for our valuable Mobilex dealers at a competitive price for the benefit of 'a better life in motion'" says our CEO Thomas Nygaard Christensen.

The new Panther rollator
The packaging of the new Panther rollator shows how it can be done. By adjusting the dimensions of the packaging, we have managed to use a whole 21.8% less cardboard per carton. Due to the practical L-shape of the cartons, the rollators can be stacked better, which means that more rollators now fit on one pallet. Conversely, 20% more fit into each container, resulting in a saving of 572.7 kg of CO2 per container. This example shows why there is dedicated space for the selected goals at Mobilex, as well as, that we will continue to work with them in the future. The selected targets are of the highest priority at Mobilex, because sustainability is pretty crucial to contribute to for all of us.