Panda Comfort rollator

The brand-new lightweight rollator Panda Comfort has a dark blue aluminium frame.

The rollator folds easily sideways and when folded it takes up minimal space, making it easy to transport.

As standard, the rollator is equipped with a back belt, which provides safety and support when the seat is used. The seat is made of heavy-duty, durable nylon. A closed shopping bag is fitted to the front, which has two handles so that it can easily be removed and carried separately.

The large soft wheels make the rollator good and stable for both indoor and outdoor use. In addition, the large wheels also provide good shock absorption.

The push handles can easily be adjusted in height without the use of any tools. The rollator is equipped with two lockable brakes that brake on the rear wheels. Two integrated tilting pedals are fitted near to the rear wheels to facilitate overcoming of minor obstacles.

As standard the Panda Comfort comes with:

  • a transport lock
  • a removable, closed shopping bag
  • a back belt
  • a crutch holder

Otherwise, a wide range of other accessories is available.

Tested and approved for a user weight up to 150 kg.

Item no.: 312601
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